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Just Some Handy Tips...

June 8, 2018


Tip 3 - Ask Before You Touch

Slightly contradictory to the last point, some ladies will be ok with you touching, as long as you ask before you do. Most ladies are totally fine with you putting an arm around them or resting it on their back as she works you with her hands, but most will have a no-touch zone that needs to be respected. Many times when asked if it's acceptable to put a hand on her back, a masseuse will later move the hand to another part of her body since she knows what works when it comes to getting you excited anyway.



Tip 4 - Let Her Know When You're About to Blow

Be a gentleman and let your masseuse know when you're close to detonating. Some ladies are inexperienced at reading the warning signs which will either result in a pretty average orgasm due to lack of hand to gland pressure or an out of control hose effect where your load ends up painting half the room (which is all fun and games until it gets in someone's eye!)




Tip 1 - Don't be Afraid to Give Advice 

It's your body and money so it's totally fine to explain to the masseuse how you like to get off. Don't start drawing diagrams, pointing at penile pressure points or asking her to make an origami swan out of your foreskin - keep it simple. Some ladies may be inexperienced or a customer / partner has never schooled them on the art of the handjob. Simple instructions like "a little bit faster", "more oil" or "gangnam style" will help the girl know what you like and get you off faster / harder.



Tip 2 - You Get What You Pay For

Listen up here as this ones important. If you've agreed to and settled on a simple handjob then that's what you'e signed up for. Whether that's all the masseuse has offered (very common), that's all you could afford or that's all you actually were after - it's what you're going to get. DO NOT try and push the envelope and say something like "Can you put it in your mouth?" If you wanted oral sex then that's what you should have asked for, it's totally fine to say "Ok, I was kidding myself - i do want more please" and upgrade to an even happier ending but don't try to strongarm the lady into giving more than was agreed upon. 






To keep things simple, we're going to pretend you've had the first part of your oil massage and you're now laying on your back...

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