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The Solution? A Sex-o-lution...

February 9, 2018

There is nothing more boring than people complaining about sexual boredom. It's ordinary, lackluster and, quite frankly, a little lazy - we think it's time all that changed! 


It's often in January we hear people making all kinds of resolutions - and equally as often, by about this time each year they've completely forgotten about those same ideals.  So-many-times-broken is the resolve to maintain healthy, active bodies, it seems reasonable to try for something more easily achieved instead.  Our suggestion? Set your goal as a healthy, active sex life, set about the challenge, and enjoy the pursuit.


When we decide to actively nurture our sexuality, we are taking a stand for living a vibrant and pleasure filled life. When you choose to give time to your eroticism you are giving time to living a bigger, more abundant and more fulfilled existence. However, re-charging your sexuality takes big action and consistency.



It’s hard to wrap our heads around this idea that sex requires the same kind of willful intent that a great diet plan or financial management program does. We have to make space in our lives for sex.


Sometimes, we have to move obstacles and even spend our resources on sex; we spend money on gym memberhip after all (and let's be honest - will we even use it?) so why not dedicate time and resources to relaxation and pleasure that will certainly hit the spot?


More often than not, in creating a new relationship with sex we have to challenge our own shame - dug-in beliefs about our bodies as well as our sexual tastes and preferences.  For many people this is not a small aspiration, and overcoming their insecurities may bring with it some ups and downs.


Maybe you want to try something a little different, maybe you want to dip your toe in the water or perhaps you're ready to plunge straight into a new erotic adventure but don't know where to start?


You wouldn't risk going on a safari without a guide. You don't start a new fitness regime without a personal trainer or a nutritionist. So why wouldn’t you turn to an expert for guidance for your sexual evolution too? 


There is a huge advantage to working with an experienced professional who will guide you on your journey.  Slow down the adventure. Try to take your time exploring all of these experiences. We create erotic tension in our lives by nibbling at the edges and taking our time. There is no race. Savor!


Our sexuality is uniquely our own. Try spicing up 2018 and do something differently.



Ready to begin 'a resolution to sexual evolution'? Head down to Number 100 - we'd be delighted to give you a hand!



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